Eliminate costly issues. Gain happier customers.

Crowsnest helps you create a better IoT experience. Let our analytics identify your most costly issues and then automate the best possible support to prevent returns and revenue loss.

Help millions of customers without lifting a phone

Set up one automation rule in Crowsnest to begin supporting all of the deployed products and customers across your fleet in minutes.

Put repetitive support tasks on autopilot

Set up rules in Crowsnest to automate tedious support tasks. Minimize distractions to your engineering team, involving them only when it's absolutely necessary.

Pinpoint your most costly issues

Crowsnest's analytics will automatically priority-rank your issues based on how many customers are being affected. Targeting those issues means less revenue loss and higher margins for your company.

Dispatch the right expert on your team

Set up rules to alert the best rep for the job based on experience, timing, or geography. Escalate notifications across your team with precision.

Success stories from our partners:

Crowsnest Partner Don Smyth, SNUPI Technologies

Don Smyth, Chief Architect, SNUPI Technologies

“Crowsnest has allowed us to outsource our device diagnostic log aggregation and analysis capability so that we can concentrate on our unique strengths in home health monitoring. Having a reliable, easy to use service to support such a crucial function has removed some of the friction from our customer support process as well as lowering our devops burden.”

Crowsnest Partner Amos Meeks, Lilypad Scales

Amos Meeks, Chief Technology Officer, Lilypad Scales

“Crowsnest cut the time down by half or more on a customer support call. It allowed us to easily and seamlessly implement performance reporting that we use every day to troubleshoot problems with our customers and to get aggregate data on our products in the field.”

Crowsnest Partner Sean Fendt, Notion

Sean Fendt, Head of Hardware Development, Notion

“Crowsnest saved us significant development time and the potential need to add resources for an in house solution. I can easily look up the condition and history of a specific unit, and search for specific events. Crowsnest has been extremely helpful during development, allowing the development team to diagnose problems, but also monitor status of healthy devices, track the progress of deploying updates, and much more.”

Start putting your IoT data to work.