Customer Support Analytics for the Internet of Things

Want to know how a product crashed before your customers even notice?

No problem.

Our world is becoming more connected every day.

What used to be a simple thermostat is now connected to our phones, the cloud, and other sensors in our homes.

As our things—cars, industrial machinery, security systems, and beyond—become increasingly sophisticated, we need a sophisticated tool to diagnose problems with these products.

Crowsnest is that tool.

Actionable diagnostics

Quickly diagnose or even preempt customer problems on a per-unit or global basis. Immediate access to historical data about product behavior leading to a problem or crash.

Root cause analysis

Get to the bottom of the most challenging bugs faster than ever before, so you can get back to making a great product.

Configurable alerts

We provide an alert workflow for customizing when and how to notify your support team, your engineers, or even your customers.

Lightweight integration

Connect your product to Crowsnest using our simple and lightweight C library, syslog integration, or APIs. Our engineers work tirelessly to minimize the impact to your product.

How does Crowsnest work?

Report events with one line of code

AlertCrowsnest(CN_CRITICAL, 2, "Device reset by watchdog timer");

We provide a firmware library that runs on your product which has APIs for logging, assertions, and a few other features we're planning to help gather data from your product. All of this is configurable by your firmware engineers, according to your resources.

All of this data is organized and analyzed by our cloud backend, so you can search for a particular customer, look at larger trends and behaviors across your units, or set up alerts.

Out-of-the-Box Compatibility

Crowsnest can run just about anywhere, but it's a seamless, 15 minute setup with the following:

Prototyping & Beta Platforms

Raspberry Pi

Intel Edison

Linux with rsyslog

Production Platforms

TI CC3200

We're always building to support more, based on your feedback.

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