Unlock the value in your live data

Complex event processing, made simple.

detect complex events
at huge scale

easy for anyone to detect and count complex event sequences as they happen on any device.. whether you have one device, or one million

automate action
in real-time

create rules to send emails, trigger webhooks, or interact with your favorite business tools when complex event sequences are detected

Crowsnest for Fleet Health Monitoring

health dashboard
trending issues
audit history of critical events
custom notifications

"Crowsnest has allowed us to outsource our device diagnostic log aggregation/analysis capability so that we can concentrate on our unique strengths."

Don Smyth, WallyHome

Crowsnest for IoT Engineering

remote debugging
device log analysis
custom alerts

"An easy to use web based interface, makes Crowsnest the first place I go to find out what is happening on one of our systems."

Sean Fendt, Notion

Crowsnest for Customer Service

help desk integration
live activity feed
proactive user engagement 

"Crowsnest cut the time down by half or more on customer support call."

Amos Meeks, Lilypad Scales

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